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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  



Order your "Group A" WEIGHTED Custom Hz  
$34.50 each ~ Specify the exact Hz you want in the field provided 

 We recommend adding weights to Group A Tuning Forks from 100 Hz to 256 Hz.  
Click here to order unweighted Custom Hz forks

Custom Hz Tuning forks without Weights are $27 each.

Group B Custom Hz ( 30 Hz to 99 Hz) are weighted and larger. Click here to order Group B. ($42 each)

We can produce any
frequency (Hz) Tuning Fork between 30 Hz and 6000 Hz, although higher frequncy tuning forks should not be weighted. 
All SWB 256 brand new, Custom Hz, American-made aluminum tuning forks are of the same excellent quality as our 432 Hz and other Standard frequencies. Size permitting, we include a pouch or bag for your fork. Each is also protected with plastic wrap.  

To order 4 or 8 pocket heavy fabric pouches, click here.

  Custom Set of 8 and Custom Set of 9 are unweighted

Bulk orders of larger, lower Hz tuning forks, like the 61.4 Hz shown in photo, may incur additional shipping costs.  The second photo is the 136.10 Hz  weighted fork and the unweighted 4096 Hz fork. The third photo is the 136.10 Hz.

If you have ordered a set but would like to have weights added to one or more of them, use the "Make it a Weighted" product , and specify which of the Hz you have ordered need to be weighted.

You must specify the Quantity of EACH Hz Fork you are ordering in the instructions field. 

For international orders:

-- All customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer- please check with your own national customs service for any questions or information.

-- You may order first class mail to International destinations, but SWB 256 will not be responsible for delivery problems after your package leaves the USA.

-- To be invoiced for first class mail shipping rates, email [email protected] or use the contact form.


For ALL orders: Please note that your shipping/handling cost is added at the VERY END of the checkout process, and you must be sure to ENTER THE CORRECT COUNTRY IN THE DROPDOWN BOX AT CHECKOUT.

Please SPECIFY the exact FREQUENCY and Quantity of each (And Promotion Code)

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