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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

SWB 256 Products Featuring 432 Hz Tuning Fork

C= 512 Hz Tuning fork 
Brand new, aluminum, 1.8 oz tuning fork calibrated to 512 Hz. Excellent for music, including strings, chorus, vocalists, as well as for scientific and laboratory and classroom work. Engraved C 512. Verdi's La is based in c=256hz, and this is C ("Do") which is one octave above middle C at 256 Hz. $16.00 each


 ($7.50 additional) and add it to your shopping cart. Specify the Hz you are want weighted

Custom Hz unweighted Tuning Forks

$27.00 each - Add $7.50 for weights 

Click to add weights to any Verdi Tuning Fork ($7.50 additional) and add it to your shopping cart. Specify the Hz you are want weighted.(Shown here are unweighted 4096 Hz, 528 Hz and 174 Hz Custom Hz Tuning Forks.)

SWB 256 offers 2 groups of Custom Hz- Large, lower Hz Tuning Forks (from 30 Hz up to 99 Hz)  in Group B, and the regular Custom Hz, (from 100 Hz- 6000 Hz) in Group A. The Group A forks can be unweighted ($27)  or weighted ($34.50), while the heavier Group B Tuning Forks are always weighted ($42).  SPECIFY THE Hz you are ordering.

Group B CUSTOM WEIGHTED TUNING FORKS  - 30 Hz to 99 Hz  $42 each 
These larger, heavier and longer Group B Custom Hz Tuning Forks are weighted. Weights increase the mass at the ends of the prongs, which lowers the frequency in a shorter and easier-to-use length, transferring more energy to the handle. 

Click to add weights to any Verdi Tuning Fork, ($7.50 additional) and add it to your shopping cart. Specify the Hz you are want weighted.

Verdi Set of 3

Verdi Set of 3  
Set of 3 Verdi Tuning Forks 
Order all 3 tuning forks for just $38.  
Each fork is engraved: C 256, A 432, C512.

The Verdi Set of 3 is wonderful for all occasions- for a fine gift to a budding musician, scientist, wellness professional,  teacher or researcher. It is a great package for instrumentalists (guitar, violin and others) and singers, choirs and anyone interested in the Verdi pitch tuning. The set is also perfect for the classroom, laboratory, medical and science work. ($43)

See also the the "Verdi Set plus One ", which includes the Verdi Set above PLUS an unweighted 128 Hz tuning fork. To order that set of 4, please click here ($57).  

Click to add weights to any Verdi Tuning Fork 
 ($7.50 additional) and add it to your shopping cart. Specify the Hz you are want weighted.
Verdi Set in Heavy duty Carry Pouch

Save $10! This popular SET of FOUR includes C256 Hz, A432 Hz, C512 Hz unweighted and a WEIGHTED C128 Hz. Each fork is engraved with its Hz, and the lowest of the three C octave frequencies, the 128 Hz, is weighed. The heavy duty carry pouch will folds over for convenience and protection. All items are available separately. Limit 2 per order.  Click here .

Hard Rubber Activator, free standing

Activator Hard Rubber  

Activators made of hard rubber can be placed on any flat surface, and are a wonderful accessory for your tuning forks. 2 and 1/2 inches at the top and 3 inches at the bottom. Striking your tuning fork on this activator makes great sound, and many people find it easier and more convenient than using anything else. 




Click to order Soft Rubber (pink) ---$3.75 

Click to order Hard Rubber (black)- $4.25

Activate your Tuning fork with our Soft or Hard Rubber Striking Mallet. Just strike the tuning fork and it will accentuate the resonance.

The original VERDI TUNING FORK from icalibrated to the Verdi pitch and engraved "A 432 Hz." Each brand new, best quality, aluminum Tuning Fork is non rusting, non corroding and will last a lifetime with normal care. Click the "Buy Now" button or  Order here, only $15.99 each 

This 432 Hz Tuning Fork from SWB 256 Tuning Forks is perfect for tuning up a bel-canto singing voice, chorus, orchestra or classroom to the classical Verdi pitch, and it is preferred by healing and wellness professionals, vibration and sound therapists.  

Use this 432 Hz Tuning Fork to be harmonic and stay in tune with the universe! 

Order 432 Hz Tuning Forks and any other tuning forks online at  Fast shipping. Produced in the Midwest USA. an shipped immediately! Weighs 2 oz. 

Yes, we DO have weighted 432 Hz Tuning forks! Order here and then click  HERE (Make it a weighted fork)  if you wish to add weights for only $7 additional)

SWB 256 Tuning Forks- Best Quality- lowest prices - made in the USA

C= 256 Hz Tuning Fork

 C=256Hz Tuning fork

Brand new, aluminum 2.4 oz Tuning Fork at C=256 Hz. Engraved C 256. Perfect for tuning up stringed instruments, choirs, and for scientific, medical and laboratory work. Middle C at 256 Hz has been known as the scientific pitch since antiquity. Verdi's "la" (a=432Hz) is based on Do (C) at 256 Hz. 

Only $16.50 each 
Additional $7.00 to make it a weighted tuning fork.